The Guide For Clean Appliances

Guide Clean Appliances

We demand a lot from our appliances. It just makes sense to take care of them. That includes knowing when to hire professionals for appliance repair work. It also includes simple maintenance that you can take care of on your own.

The Benefits Of Cleaning Your Appliances

Obviously, different appliances have different considerations with cleaning. However, there is also a universal truth that can be applied to most of your items. It comes down to understanding that a clean appliance is generally a much more efficient appliance. Cleaning your products can be a little time-consuming.

At the same time, you’re also taking highly beneficial steps. You are extending the lifespan of your appliance by months, even years. You are also cutting down on the potential for costly appliance repair work, caused by clogged parts within a specific appliance. This is something that can certainly happen with your dishwasher. The oven is also something that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, in order to run at optimal efficiency.

The benefits are pretty clear. Honestly, most appliance cleaning tasks can be handled in just a few minutes. Generally speaking, the more intensive work usually comes from failing to keep things clean. Regular maintenance should only take a few minutes. It can keep your appliances in proper working order for years to come.

Appliance Cleaning Tips

If you don’t know the best way to clean your appliances, don’t feel bad. This is one area where a lot of us slip up. We all tend to take our appliances for granted to one extent or another.

You can make sure your appliances are getting the best care possible by utilizing the following:

  • The back of your fridge: That 2-foot space behind your fridge is probably the dirtiest area in your entire home. We don’t really like to imagine what might be living back there. Nothing is actually alive, but the area could use a cleaning. Pull out your fridge, clean up the area, and take a vacuum cleaner to your coils. These should be behind or beneath your refrigerator. If you have any loose door gaskets, replace them. This is an easy DIY appliances maintenance task. The other gaskets can be cleaned with warm/soapy water. Consider cleaning the exterior of your fridge, as well as the shelves and interior.
  • Self-clean: These days, most ovens have an option for self-cleaning. Is it worth using? For the most part, yes. We can honestly say most self-cleaning options for ovens will do a decent job. However, they won’t do everything. This includes the stuff around your door hinges/frame, as well stuff that’s baked on after lengthy neglect.
  • The stovetop: Warm water, some soap, and perhaps steel wool will go a long way. If you can, soak your burners, knobs, and hood vents. This is something you should do for at least a couple of hours. Scrub them, while replacing any severely stained drip plates.
  • Washing machine: Remove any debris from the drain at the machine’s bottom. Deodorize your machine once a week with baking soda.
  • Microwave: Leave a bowl of water to boil for a few minutes. This makes it easier to remove baked on items.

More Appliance Cleaning Tips

The tips mentioned above cover the basis. If you can make enough time for the suggestions listed above, you should be fine. However, if you are eager to do a little more, there are several other possibilities. Ultimately, there really isn’t such a thing as overkill, when it comes to avoiding expensive appliance repair. Your appliances stand to gain more, when you put in more work.

For example, washing the crumb catcher for your toaster can be extremely helpful. Shaking the machine over your sink can get rid of a lot of food that’s stuck in there. Just make sure you dry the toaster completely, before plugging it in.

While your coffee machine isn’t quite as important as your dishwasher, it’s still pretty important. A solution consisting of 2 parts water/1 part white vinegar can get rid of mineral deposits. These are the things that can clog your machine, seriously impacting functionality! Make sure to put a filter in, before running such a solution. To get rid of the vinegar aftertaste, run some water through a couple of times.


Another good way to take care of your appliances is in knowing where to go for appliance repair. To that end, trust Express Repair for anything you may need. Our experience is such that we can work with all of the items mentioned above. In fact, you will find that there really isn’t such a thing as an appliance we can’t repair. You can also come to us for any maintenance concerns you may have. We can restore your appliances to their former glory. At the same time, we can arm you with specific information to keep your appliances properly cared for.

No one wants to spend an arm and a leg on repairs. While some repairs are inevitable, others can be avoided with basic care. Invest a little time now, and enjoy your appliances for years and years to come.