What does error F72 on my Kenmore Washer Mean?

error F72 kenmore washer repair

Error codes are something most modern appliances will have. These codes that appear on the LED screens on your appliances let you know exactly what the issue is so you can find out how to fix it. This allows you and appliance repair technicians to diagnose the problem the appliance is facing without needing to disassemble the entire machine.

Each error code corresponds to a specific issue and you can find out what each of these codes means online or within the instruction manual that came with the appliance. It is important to be aware of what these codes mean so you can better understand what is wrong with your machine.

If you do encounter one of these codes, do not unplug the machine unless it guides you to and do not attempt to configure the panel, both may make it more difficult for an appliance repair technician to properly diagnose the machine.

Throughout this article, we are going to explain what the F72 error code found on Kenmore washing machines means.

The F72 Error Code

If your Kenmore washing machine is showing an F72 error code it is usually due to a nut below the inner tub that needs to float. Floating is when the tub fills with water to a set level within the inner basket and rises around 1 inch from the center agitator. This will disengage the basket from the motor so the agitator can spin separately from the basket.

If the basket does not float when it tries to agitate it will cause the whole basket to turn back and forth at the same acceleration as the agitator. This will then cause the F72 error code to appear on your Kenmore washing machine.

If you are experiencing the F72 error code due to the basket not floating, the entire washing machine will need to be disassembled. Many are not capable or skilled enough to disassemble washing machines and will more than likely require the assistance of an appliance repair company.

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