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At Express Repair New York, our technicians have unbeatable expertise with Dacor appliances – no matter the make or model. You can trust in their engineering and manufacturing prowess to get your repairs completed fast, giving you a life of ease when you choose them for appliance repair.

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Dacor Appliance Repair Services

Dacor, a household name for premium kitchen appliances since 1965, was acquired by Samsung in 2016. The family-owned enterprise has its manufacturing facility located in California’s City of Industry and continues to bring the same level of craftsmanship and engineering excellence that it is known for – from fridges to dishwashers, stoves to ovens; even warming drawers, wine dispensers, beverage centers ventilation hoods and BBQ grills.

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Dacor Appliance Repair

Dacor appliances combine innovative designs with complex features, making them a sought-after luxury brand. Repairing these intricate devices is no easy feat and requires an in-depth knowledge of the appliance’s specifications to be done properly – which makes it all the more essential that repair work is handled cautiously by those adept in both knowhow and finesse!

Express Repair New York is your reliable one-stop shop for all Dacor appliance repairs in the greater NYC area! No matter when you need it – on a weekday, weekend or holiday – our licensed and insured technicians will be there with same day service. And if this doesn’t work best for you we can also offer preventive maintenance services scheduled at any time that fits into your schedule perfectly! So don’t wait: get an affordable and holistic repair solution today to put those pesky appliances back in order.

Get quick, reliable appliance repair services with Express Appliance Repair. We authentically service any brand and resolve all problems – same day or next day! Call us at (866) 677-5755 to get your household running again!

Restore the vibrancy of your Dacor fridge with our outstanding fridge repair service!

Our dedicated technicians offer hassle-free maintenance and repairs, ensuring that all models made by Dacor are running smoothly. Receive exceptional quality care today – contact us to get started on maintaining a top-notch fridge experience.

Dacor Fridge Repair

Stove Repair Dacor

Restore your Dacor stove to perfect working condition with the experienced and certified professionals at Express Repair New York. We offer in-home stove repair services that won’t break the bank with our speedy and efficient fix.

Our technicians are experts in all models of stoves, ensuring a timely repair services. Enjoy quality stove repairs backed by competitive rates – get in touch now and let us take care of it for you.

Get top-notch Dacor dishwasher repair services from Express Repair! We specialize in all models of Dacor Dishwashers, providing fast and efficient repairs.

Our experienced technicians are qualified and insured, so you can trust that your appliance is in good hands. Plus, we offer unbeatable rates for our repair services, so you don’t have to break the bank just to get quality repairs. Contact us today for same day service and get your dishwasher fixed quickly and easily!

Dishwasher Repair Dacor

Oven Repair Dacor

Express Repair provides authorized Dacor repair services in New York City to meet all your appliance maintenance needs. We have experienced service technicians that specialize in all models of Dacor appliances.

Our experienced technicians are available for same day oven repair services, providing fast and efficient repairs for all models of Dacor Ovens. We offer unbeatable rates, so you know you’re getting the best service at a great price. Plus, our qualified and insured technicians are highly trained to handle any repair job – and they guarantee their work.


Range / Stove / Oven Fault Codes

Failure Code # Description of Fault Code Solution for Fault Code
F0 The function key is stuck You can replace the touchpad. If the touchpad is affixed to the clock, you just replace the clock (ERC).
F1 An issue with the System Watchdog Circuit First, press the “Cancel” button. Should the beeping continue, then replace the main control board.
F2 Very high temperature for the heating mode An alarm will go off if the ERC senses an unusually high temperature. The ELectronic Range Control will go off until canceled or another function is selected by the user. If the F2 code persists, the inspect the oven sensor and wiring. If the alarm stops, you must first check that the oven can complete a clean cycle without any issues.
F3 The oven temperature sensor (RTD) has shortened Inspect the harnesses for the sensor and connection that can be found between the oven sensor and oven control. If the wiring is ok, then replace the oven temperature sensor (RTD).
F4 The oven temperature sensor (RTD) is open Inspect the harnesses for the sensor and connection that are between the oven sensor and control. If the wiring is fine, then you can replace the oven temperature sensor (RTD).
F6 There is an error with the EEPROM checksum You can replace the machine’s main control board to fix the problem.

The main control is the hub for many software commands, and these control many of the oven’s features. Various functions and operations have numbers assigned to them. When you add the values together you get the checksum operation. When you power up the system, it does a checksum and compares the value to the value stored in the memory of the machine.

F7 Above temperature enabled by door lock Inspect the wiring and door lock switches.
F8 Problem with the switch for door locking Inspect the wiring and switch for the door lock.

Disclaimer: please make sure to unplug your appliance if you feel that it is malfunctioning. Consult with an Express Repair professional to prevent any further damage to your appliance.

Failure Code # Description of Fault Code Solution for Fault Code
3 long beeps and a flashing red light The machine did not drain properly Press the Cancel button 2 times to reset the machine. Should the error code display again, then you must clear the clogs from the sink’s drain. You can first unplug your dishwasher and then clear the clogs from the machine’s drain hose pump. Replace the hose or pump if they are damaged.
The dishwasher cycle stops and is followed by three long beeps and the drain pump runs. Also, the Floor Guard LED turns on, and the red light below the main door is on. A water leak which leads to water in the base pan You can shut it down via your home’s circuit breaker or unplug the dishwasher. Then, take out the lower access panel and inspect the lower components of your dishwasher to locate the leak. Leaking components will have to be replaced. Lastly, get rid of any water in the base pan.
F2 Valve for the water inlet will not shut You can shut it down via your home’s circuit breaker or unplug the dishwasher. You will have to replace the water inlet valve if the machine keeps filling. If the filling stops after disconnecting the power, you can then replace the electronic control board.
F3 Little pressure for inlet water (takes a long time to fill) Shut off the machine’s water supply, then unplug your dishwasher, then disconnect the fill line, and finally, check to see if the water inlet valve is clogged if the water supply cut-off valve for the dishwasher is open and it dishwasher fills slowly. Replace the water valve if it is clogged. You do not want to just clean its screen. Debris can land in the valve body, which will keep it from closing and lead to flooding. Inspect wiring connections the valve and fix any connections that have become loose. Replace the water valve if it won’t open.
F4 Not getting a signal from the switch for the water pressure Shut down through house circuit breaker or unplug dishwasher. Take out the panel for the lower access and inspect connections for the wire harness. Get any loose wires and reconnect them, specifically for the switch for the water switch. If it is damaged, then replace it. Replace the switch for the water pressure if connections are fine.
F5 The electronic control board has become defective Reset the control board. Do this by disconnecting the power supply from the dishwasher. Keep it disconnected for 3 minutes. Replace control board if the error code doesn’t go away.
F9 A failure with the heater Get a technician to repair flow-through heater’s inline.

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